Our Model

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Our model centers on volume, efficiency and customers. Specializing in garments, with all equipment—as well as the operator—on premises, enables our low one-price offering and creates a buyer experience you will not find at any other dry cleaner.


Our stores are large, bright, super clean and modern. There is no wall between our customer and us doing our work. As you drop off your items, you can see CD One Price Cleaners people diligently working at their stations, sorting, tagging, pressing and packaging. You can see the pace and dedication of what we do.


Our people are chosen for people skills and work ethic, then trained to excel, not just in the dry clean and laundering process, but also in customer service. We all actively look for ways to make it easier and more pleasant for the people who bring us their items.


Free coffee may seem like a minor detail, but our customers love it. It’s the leading name brand in premium coffee, which not only tastes great, but it also saves you a stop in the morning.

Every garment, one price.CD One Price Cleaners In by 10am out by 5pm.