Our Process

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Our process is proven. It’s designed, to the last detail, to deliver volume at the highest levels of quality. Our people work hard every day to operate it flawlessly. That’s why it works.


Onboarding is critical to service quality. We maintain multiple stations to assist you quickly with a minimum of line-waiting. We create a computer data file for you that includes your name and contact information including email, garment care preferences and other information. So whenever you come in, we know, instantly, everything we need to know to make your experience with us a great one.


Barcode tagging gives us the ability to track your items throughout the process, from sorting through cleaning, pressing, inspecting, packaging and racking. Time-stamped video cameras monitor and record the process at the counters, giving us the tools to continuously improve and pinpoint any problems. The bottom line: We don’t lose your items.


Cleaning is done on modern, well-maintained equipment—state-of-the-art cleaning technology, arranged for line efficiency and process speed.


Pressing also is done on state-of-the-art equipment, operated by highly skilled, conscientious people in full view of our customers. This skill is critical to the quality we deliver—we take pride in your items looking crisp and sharp.


Quality control professionals thoroughly inspect your items at six different points in the process before it’s bagged and placed in mechanized racks. Any garment that does not meet our quality standards is set aside and sent back to the appropriate station for immediate correction. And if you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right. Guaranteed.


Packaging and storage protects and places your items on an automated rack system for fast, problem-free retrieval when you arrive for them.


Checklists govern our lives. Checklists are a tool for process quality and consistency across the many steps and different operators involved. We believe in them. We use them. We live by them.


We love data. We measure every single point in our process on a continuous basis for efficiency to drive constant improvement. We share the data with our people. The data, by the way, includes customer satisfaction measures—this information is a major element in employee performance reviews and driver of our efforts to improve. In other words, we not only measure. We listen. And we act on what we hear.

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