How We Do It

Seem too good to be true? Here’s how we do it.

About Us B Level

The CD One Price Cleaners model has enabled us to revolutionize the customer experience with superior, guaranteed quality and same-day service at one low price to dry clean all garments, men’s and women’s.

One Stop Shop.

Our one stop shop says it all. We now do household items such as comforters, blankets, and area rugs. These everyday household items are now easy and convenient to take in for cleaning. Our processes are optimized for cleaning garments efficiently and effectively, with six points of inspection to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency, satisfaction guaranteed. The value is so good, you’ll soon be taking clothes usually bound for your home washing machine — khakis, polo shirts, even t-shirts — to your car. This one stop shop allows you get items cleaned at one low cost. Our customers prefer bringing in these types of garments for a high- quality finish that looks better and lasts longer

Volume drives the same-price model.

With our scale and processes, we do four times the typical neighborhood cleaner’s dry-clean volume in dollars; 10 times their dry-clean volume in terms of items—with no short cuts or compromise in quality. We can turn around 200 garments, dry cleaned, pressed, inspected and bagged, in one hour. 100 garments laundered per hour. For most traditional dry cleaners it’s that many in a day. It’s this volume that enables us to deliver the one-price concept while providing top quality.

Production on premises saves time and improves quality control.

We clean the clothes on premises. We don’t ship them out. We control the process, the equipment and what happens to your garments. This is a key factor that gives us the ability to guarantee same-day service when you get your items to us by 10am, and allows us to make sure it meets our quality standards and yours.

Every garment, one price.CD One Price Cleaners In by 10am out by 5pm.