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Want to take advantage of a dry cleaning franchise opportunity with million-dollar potential1, backed by an expert team and innovative operating model? Here’s your chance.

Franchise A Level

Innovative and differentiated. These two words describe the CD One Price Cleaners concept.

Million-dollar potential.

According to FRANdata, Arlington, VA, the average neighborhood dry cleaner generates around $250,000 in gross revenue each year. On the other hand, the average CD One Price Cleaners store generates an average gross revenue of close to $1.2 million1. How? Volume. Because of our on-premise production, facility scale, processes and garment focus, our stores are equipped to dry clean and launder many more pieces than a traditional dry cleaning and laundry business. And we do it at equal or better quality levels with a one-price, same-day-service, value-driven offering that our customers love.

We don’t pursue growth for growth’s sake.

We are thoughtful about growth. We want good quality, growing, thriving stores, managed by franchise owners familiar with the communities they serve. We carefully select our franchise owners and provide comprehensive support to help them operate the CD One Price Cleaners model. We’re focusing our expansion plans on larger target markets that we believe can support multiple, strategically spaced locations as opposed to individual stores in smaller markets scattered around the country. We believe clustering our store growth helps build brand awareness faster and enables us to provide the most efficient and effective support to our franchise owners.

Franchise owners help ensure superior service.

Customer service is critical to our dry cleaning franchise model, and local ownership tends to deliver the best service. In our experience, the closer the owner is to the customer, the better the quality and service. So to us, expanding through independent franchises rather than company-owned stores is the best way to build our brand and grow. We are always exploring ways to improve on that service, particularly in the area of convenience—we want to make it as easy as possible for customers to choose CD One Price Cleaners.

Great people, great company.

A company is not a sign on the wall. It’s not a building, and it’s not a bunch of equipment. It’s a group of people. We know you can’t be a great company without great people who share common values and a drive to be the best. We strive to stay abreast of consumer trends and to deliver the services and convenience our customers have come to expect. Do you aspire to greatness in all you do? We try to do the same. Consider exploring the CD One dry cleaning franchise opportunity. You’ll fit right in.

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1 This information is contained in Item 19 of the currently effective Cleaners Depot Franchise, LLC Franchise Disclosure Document dated April 10, 2017. Item 19 reports on the 34 stores that were open for the entire fiscal two-year period ending December 31, 2016. Of those 34 stores, the gross revenue ranged from a low of $776,406 to a high of $2,385,465 with an average of $1,189,557 for the 2016 fiscal year. The median average was $1,103,587. 10 of those 31 stores, or 35.7%, reported gross revenues for the 2016 fiscal year that exceeded the average of $1,189,557. Some outlets have sold this amount. Your individual results may differ. There is no assurance that you'll sell as much. Please review the April 10, 2017 FDD for further detail and an additional disclosure about company store financial performance.

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