Would you dry clean if it was more affordable?

CD One Price Cleaners Posted: Oct 21, 2014 by CD One Price Cleaners
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CD One Price Cleaners offers affordable dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is expensive. The process uses costly equipment that has to be maintained, specialized cleaning chemicals that have to be replenished, and skilled employees that have to be trained in proper dry cleaning techniques for a wide range of materials. Plus, not all items are treated the same way – velvet drapes are not the same as silk ties.

Another factor is that many smaller dry cleaners send out your items to be dry cleaned at a much larger facility off-site. These larger plants serve multiple smaller businesses, which is a win-win for everyone but the customer, who has to pay a higher price to cover the costs of transportation and added labor.

Because dry cleaning is expensive, many people choose not to have it done more often, or on more items. But what if some of the factors that drive up the cost simply weren’t there? If dry cleaning were less expensive, you could afford to have it done much more often, and enjoy fresh, pressed, clean clothing all the time. So, what if…

  • The dry cleaner specializes in garments only – no drapes, comforters, tablecloths, etc. – which simplifies employee training and lowers its cost
  • – The dry cleaner does not farm out the actual cleaning to a larger outside facility – all the work is done right there on-premises, on their own garment-cleaning equipment
  • – The dry cleaner’s specialized and on-premises business model means  that a much greater volume of garments can be cleaned in a shorter period of time, which lets them charge a much lower price per garment – and even the same lower price for any and every garment

You know where this is going.

This “what if” dry cleaner exists: CD One Price Cleaners, with locations all over Chicagoland, and now in Minneapolis, too. Garments that other companies charge up to ten dollars or more cost less than three dollars to be cleaned at CD One Price Cleaners. A three-piece suit that might cost you more than $30 
to dry clean elsewhere? Less than nine bucks here.

In fact, independent research by the Blackstone Group showed that CD One Price Cleaners’ dry cleaning and laundering prices were more than 50% lower than their competitors’ average prices in the Chicago area, and more than 60% lower in Minneapolis.

Oh, and there’s free coffee, from the leading premium brand.

Finally, another effect of specialized, on-premises cleaning is that CD One Price Cleaners are fast. 
Very fast. If you bring in your items before 10am, they’ll be ready for you by 5pm. Same day. Every day. (They’ll even email you when your items are ready to pick up.)

Never thought of dry cleaning your polo shirts and cargo pants before? Now you can.

Every garment, one price.CD One Price CleanersIn by 10am out by 5pm. Every day.