Top Winter Fashions

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If you’re fashion-conscious, even a little, winter isn’t all bad.

The more layers and accessories you need, the greater the opportunity to create a look you want and enjoy, right? Let’s start where winter starts: outdoors.


Hats, scarves, gloves and boots. You can buy them as a matching set, or mix and match to create your own look. Or you can just not care: in the Midwest, for instance, it’s all about function, not fashion. People wear whatever keeps them warm and dry, and don’t always worry about how it looks. The neighbors understand.

Cold weather jackets and parkas. It’s a competitive market out there. You can google Eddie Bauer, Columbia, Lands’ End, Burlington Coat Factory, Patagonia or The North Face to shop and compare. And at the high end, Canada Goose is a brand that’s trending now; you can visit their website here.


Fuzzy slippers, tights and leggings, and more scarves. This is where it gets fun, and you can be creative and show your personality. Add a little color inside to fight that snowy world outside.

Where the Two Intersect

Sometimes, your clothing has to look good and function well both indoors and out. Like skiing! You want to stay protected and flexible on the slopes, and look attractive and comfortable back in the lodge. Dick’s Sporting Goods has plenty of ideas, as would any other major sporting apparel marketer.

There’s more. For everything from texting-friendly gloves to battling “turtleneck hair” and many more winter fashion trends and ideas, you can visit Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Macy’s.*

The world of fashion tends to skew toward women, but we haven’t forgotten about men. AskMen’s Adam Fox posts a newsletter article of Do’s And Don’ts Of Winter Fashion you can read here.*


There are downsides to winter wear, of course. Volume, for starters. More layers mean more laundry. And unlike summer, when it’s all t-shirts and shorts (easy to launder), winter fashions span more, more varied, and more challenging-to-clean fabrics. Wool and cashmere, down and synthetics, the range is broad. You’re more likely to ruin a winter garment with improper care than a summer one. See our article on winter sweater care for more information.

*NOTE: These are suggestions, not endorsements, CD One Price Cleaners has no relationship, connection or arrangement with any of the merchants or sources mentioned here.

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