Wash and Fold Laundry Services

CD One Price Cleaners Posted: Jun 26, 2015 by CD One Price Cleaners
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Wash and fold laundry services are gaining popularity.

Industry statistics show that “47% of store owners say wash and fold laundry customers have increased in the past year.”

Apologies in advance to those who love doing laundry, but we think jumping on this bandwagon is something worth considering!

A wash and fold laundry service is exactly what it sounds like; someone else (hopefully a professional) cleans and dries your laundry and folds it for you. There are a lot of good reasons for this service to exist:

Reason 1 - You hate doing laundry: We all have that one chore that we just can’t stand to do. For some, it’s washing the dishes, others hate taking out the trash. For many, it’s doing laundry. Now for some people, this can be therapeutic. But for a lot of the population, it is something that we just don’t want to do. It’s a continuous cycle of wash, fold, and put away, and not to mention, you are restricted to the house (unless you’re brave enough to risk a dryer fire while you are away). It can also be a pain to remember to switch out the loads! How many times have you thrown a load in the washer, gone on to something else, only to remember hours later or even the next day that your damp (possibly slightly smelly) clothes are still waiting to be dried?

Some people have concern that outsourcing your laundry makes you lazy or selfish, or even arrogant! Don’t let these stigmas affect you. In all honesty, as much as we’d love to believe we can do it all, humans need to remember that we are also easily prone to stress. If you think it sounds ridiculous to get that stressed out over laundry, consider this stat from an article posted by Huffington Post that showed that 84% of recently stressed Americans say they worry that their home isn't clean or organized enough. Why are we doing this to ourselves? Life is a juggling act and if you can do something to help keep everything from falling out of whack, why shouldn’t you?

Reason 2 - You are way too busy to even think about doing laundry: A poll taken by Gallop found that adults employed full time in the U.S. work an average of 47 hours per week and 4 in 10 works at least 50 hours a week. A lot of us are guilty of over-working ourselves (including stay-at-home parents, another full-time job). And while we can bust our butts doing laundry, don’t forget all the other necessary errands like, ahem…all the other cleaning! Add into this any cooking, yard work, family time, kid’s activities, etc, and our days become our nights before we even know it.

Reason 3 - You don’t have your own washer/dryer: Wash and fold services can be so helpful if you don’t have your own appliances! “I love going to the Laundromat!” said no one ever… And it costs roughly the same to haul your clothes and sit with them at the Laundromat as it does to use wash and fold-where you don’t even have to be present (some services will pick up and deliver your clothes). This also goes for building/community laundry rooms, unless yours is free of course.

Accepting the idea of outsourcing your laundry might not be for everyone. Almost everyone’s initial thought is, “someone else is going to be washing my underwear?” This might gross you out or make you really uncomfortable, but c’mon, we know these people do this every day. Is your underwear really that interesting?

Anyway, if you really want to, you can do your delicates yourself, but we say go big or go home…and do your laundry.

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