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CD One Price Cleaners Posted: Apr 27, 2016 by CD One Price Cleaners
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Spring isn’t the only latest thing at CD One this month!

We’re working with two exciting new services to bring you even more convenience- Alterations and Clean and Fold Laundry!

CD One in Morton Grove Illinois recently launched Alterations as an additional service. If you’re tired of having to clean and mend your clothes at different places, you’re gonna love this new option!

Our new Alterations service will include simple fixes: hemming pants, skirts, and dresses; fixing and replacing zippers; fixing or replacing pant and skirt hooks and fasteners; replacing elastic banding; and minor mending.

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Currently, Morton Grove is the only location offering the Alterations service, and we hope to see it incorporated into other locations soon!

Our second latest addition is our new Clean and Fold Laundry Service. This is a whole new way to clean! Clean and Fold is offered at all participating Chicago and Minneapolis locations. Bring us your laundry and we will sort, wash, machine dry, fold, and return it, clean, fresh and folded. Keeping up with your laundry has never been easier!

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We know that our customers are busy, and we want to make their lives easier by providing multiple services at one place. Our two new services can save you so much time, freeing you up to spend your time how you want.

But are you apprehensive about having someone else do your laundry? This is a relatively new concept and to some, it can seem embarrassing or wasteful to outsource laundry. We know that new things can be scary, but just remember, we have trained, expert staff that does this every day. Plus, you need to consider what your time is worth. If you live a busy life and you feel like it’s impossible to “catch up” on cleaning or you never have time to spend by yourself or with your loved ones, this is a smart solution to free up some time.

To learn more about these exciting new additions, visit our website, where you can find further information on Clean and Fold Laundry and explore which locations offer these services. /

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