We Fell In Love With LavAzza, and We Think You Will Too!

CD One Price Cleaners Posted: Sep 7, 2017 by CD One Price Cleaners
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Have You Tried CD One Price Cleaner's Coffee?

Deemed “Italy’s Best Coffee” we knew we had to give it a try and instantly we were blown away. LavAzza has been around for quite some time, which just helps add to its appeal. They know what they are doing when it comes to coffee and by the taste alone you’ll find it to be true! With over 120 years of coffee experience LavAzza has perfected the art of a great cup of coffee, making it the number one choice  for CD One Price Cleaners.

Where can I get LavAzza Coffee?

There are many options, but one of the newest options is going to be a CD One Price Cleaners near you! As our stores are getting refreshed, so is our free complimentary coffee and we could not be more excited! Keep an eye out for LavAzza coffee in the days to come at your local CD One, we are confident you won’t be disappointed.

What Makes LavAzza different?

The journey from the coffee plant to your cup resides in the plantation fields of many countries all over the world. These beans are handpicked, allowing consistent quality of taste and aroma that’s missing in the mass market brands. LavAzza pioneered the idea of coffee blends; from a punch of sweetness, to a rich full-bodied delivery. Each cup of LavAzza coffee gives you the perfect Italian coffee experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

They’ve been around for over 120 years?

That’s right! They have been perfecting the way coffee is made one year at a time. Luigi Lavazza opened shop in 1895 in Via San Tommaso, in Turin, Italy. He had a passion for coffee and studied the arts of blending to satisfy the taste buds of customers. After traveling to Brazil, he became even more aware of coffees full potential. The LavAzza coffee we have today is a result of his idea of combining coffees from different parts of the world, so customers can have the exact blend that satisfies their taste.  

As the years progressed, so did their business! They have grown due to everyone’s love of LavAzza coffee and after we tried it we could see why. With 5 plants all over the world, LavAzza is dedicated to bringing the coffee you love to you and CD One is here to help with exactly that.

So, don’t be shy, make sure to stop by and see us soon, so you can see for yourself how good the coffee just really is!

To learn more about LavAzza and their incredible story check out their website at http://www.lavazza.us/us/ .

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