Scamper Is Now CD One Pickup & Delivery

CD One Price Cleaners Posted: Apr 3, 2020 by CD One Price Cleaners
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Westchester, IL | Release Date: For Immediate Release

To better serve our customers, we have made the decision to rebrand our service to compliment our retail brand, CD One Price Cleaners.

On the topic of rebranding, Director of Marketing, Jonathon Reckles says, “We have such a strong CD One brand that stands for speed and convenience, we wanted to pass that equity along to our pickup and delivery service too.”

We decided to re-brand our Scamper Laundry Service in order to provide the best value and quality for our customers. This was done with our customers in mind. As we move through the transition of branding, we have made it easy for our current customers. They do not have to do anything. All subscriptions and orders have moved over to the CD One Pickup & Delivery brand.

The new logo, colors, and tone pay homage to our very successful retail operations. For over 20 years, we have developed a seamless process that allows us to keep our prices low. We want to bring the same values to our customers and make it as convenient as possible to care for their garments.

More information on our services can be found on our new website:

Contact Person: Caroline Dutka

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