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Understanding Gender-bias Dry Cleaning

"We’ll talk about dry cleaners next, right," President Obama said at last year’s Pay Equity Event. "Because I know that -- I don’t know why it costs more for Michelle’s blouse than my shirt." The crowd, mostly comprised of women, responded with laughter and head-nods.

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Spring Cleaning Your Closet

So spring is having a little stage fright. Don’t let that worry you. We can feel it in the air. Soon we will be wearing those sandals and tank tops and cute little dresses. But before you go chucking all of your winter clothes into the back of your closet, save yourself the headache next fall and take a few steps to store them properly.

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CD One and The Cara Program Partner

Chicago-based CD One Price Cleaners is partnering for the first time this year with The Cara Program to collect donated interview attire that will help give motivated individuals that have been affected by homelessness and poverty the chance to succeed.

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Top Winter Fashions

If you’re fashion-conscious, even a little, winter isn’t all bad. The more layers and accessories you need, the greater the opportunity to create a look you want and enjoy, right? Let’s start where winter starts: outdoors.

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DOs & DON’Ts of Caring for Winter Sweaters

They’re fun and fashionable, proven and practical, literally warm and fuzzy. Wintertime sweaters are a clothing staple, but caring for them is trickier than is for t-shirts and blue jeans. Between fit and fabric, style and storage needs, there are many different types of sweaters. So how do you take care of them, and make sure they keep their shape and structure for years to come? The short answer is: read the label. But we have longer answers for you, too.

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Would you dry clean if it was more affordable?

Dry cleaning is expensive. The process uses costly equipment that has to be maintained, specialized cleaning chemicals that have to be replenished, and skilled employees that have to be trained in proper dry cleaning techniques for a wide range of materials. Plus, not all items are treated the same way – velvet drapes are not the same as silk ties.

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