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Winter Boots

Your Winter Boots & Ugg Cleaners

CD One Price Cleaners Winter Boots Service

When the temperatures drop, things can get messy outside. Between the rain, snow and slush, your winter boots will start showing their wear quickly. CD One Price Cleaners is the perfect place for cleaning suede boots and ensuring your winter boots always look their best. As your preferred Ugg cleaners, we carefully inspect your items in order to complete the removal process of spots and stains. It’s important when cleaning suede boots to replace the natural oils that are lost over time and restore the color and texture that disappears with wear. Taking your winter boots to an Ugg boot cleaners like CD One Price Cleaners is a safe alternative to home cleaning as self-cleaning can result in discoloration and/or damage to the fabric of your Uggs.

Here's how it works.

  • Bring your winter boots, including Uggs, to your nearest CD One Price Cleaners
  • Turnaround time for winter boots is one week
  • Pricing varies by location
  • Recommended cleaning frequency is 1x/year
Winter Boots Service - CD One Price Cleaners

Participating Stores Only. Prices Vary by Location.

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