We are prioritizing health and safety. Therefore, same day service may vary by store.

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Our Attitude

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Our attitude is the greatest driver of value in the CD One Price Cleaners experience-friendly and pleasant, focused on you. We are also proud of our skill and absolutely dedicated to achieving perfection in each and every step in the dry cleaning of your items.

It’s personal.

Our same day laundry service is unique. Your clothes are important to you. It's emotional. It's personal. Many garments hold real, sentimental value. At CD One Price Cleaners, we know how important it is to take good care of them, and we know trust cannot be asked for or expected. It must be earned.

Great people.

Nobody trains their professional laundry service people like we do. In addition to the technical skills involved in operating our equipment, we make sure our team members can answer your questions and handle your items correctly. CD One Price Cleaners training includes being alert for people who need help getting their items into or out of the store-we're always happy to help you carry your items.

We Listen. And we act upon it.

We actively solicit and track feedback. Every store uses advanced Listen360 technology to encourage, manage and act upon customer views. We view complaints and suggestions as opportunities to get better, and they guide our continuous efforts to improve to ensure we remain your best dry cleaners.

It’s all about your satisfaction.

We strive for your satisfaction. We measure it. We reward our employees for it. If you're unhappy, we take care of it. Right away. You will be pleased with every aspect of our laundry service work or we will work on it until you are. Guaranteed.

Every garment, one price.CD One Price Cleaners In by 10am out by 5pm.