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About the Industry

An industry ripe for a better way.

Franchise B Level

The laundry and dry cleaning business is a highly fragmented $9 billion industry with stable demand that’s served mainly by smaller, low-volume, unbranded businesses.

The dry cleaning business isn’t usually the first thing to come to mind for a person looking for a franchise opportunity. That’s not a surprise, until you consider the facts: Dry cleaning is a $9 billion-per-year industry, populated mostly by small, relatively unsophisticated independent operators. Because dry cleaning is a repetitive, ongoing need, this is a business with a consistent demand throughout the year.

Growth dynamics are good, too. A high proportion of new garments and fabrics continue to carry the “dry clean only” tag. And consumers are busier than ever. Our dry cleaning franchise owners have discovered that with the right value proposition, consumers are open to professionally cleaning even the clothes they typically launder themselves—even jeans and polo shirts—for the convenience and crisp, great-looking finish.

The vast majority of traditional dry cleaning businesses haven’t kept pace with changing consumer demands. People today expect a strong mix of service, quality and price, making the average neighborhood dry cleaners vulnerable to a competitor that offers a better way. That competitor could be you. Take advantage of our dry cleaning franchise opportunity today.

icon-model The One Price Advantage
DetailsIndustry AverageOne Price Cleaners
Typical items cleaned Suits, shirts, leather, fur, drapes, comforters Laundered Shirts, Suits, Sweaters, Skirts, Dresses, Pants
Items cleaned per hour 100 300
Annual revenue (average) $250,000 $1.1 Million

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