We are prioritizing health and safety. Therefore, same day service may vary by store.

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Am I a Good Fit?

We’re looking for great people.

Franchise B Level

The CD One Price Cleaners model is an ideal dry cleaning business opportunity for disciplined operators who share our values and who strike the right balance of people skills, operational discipline and customer focus.

At CD One Price Cleaners, we are looking for candidates who share our values and have the skills, aptitudes and outlook to execute this innovative dry cleaning business opportunity.


We’re relationship builders who know the value of a loyal customer. Our top priority is to generate and nurture repeat business. Strong, positive relationships between the company and our franchise owners is another high priority and key to our mutual success.

We’re believers in continuous improvement who are never satisfied with just being good. We want to be the best. And we know that to accomplish that, we must always be working to get better at all we do.

We take full ownership in our actions and results. We believe in accountability. We never look to blame others when things don’t go as planned.

We’re informed decision makers who get the facts before making a move—we strive to remove egos and emotions from the decisions we make for our business, focusing instead on hard data and other factual information.

Do these values line up with yours? Read on.

What we look for in a franchise owner

Having opened more than thirty locations so far, we’ve learned a few things about what it takes to oversee our CD One Price Cleaners stores and the valuable teams that work in them. Here’s what we look for:

  • The ability to meet the financial requirements of starting and managing a CD One Price Cleaners franchise.
  • Strong interpersonal skills—the ability to lead, work with and get along with all personality types; the ability to work as part of a team, both with the company and your store staff.
  • Management experience—experience that demonstrates knowledge of what it takes to manage teams, whether on projects, in the corporate world or in another business setting.
  • A high comfort level with technology and data—the ability to utilize data to manage performance and make decisions.
  • A willingness to oversee the execution of a proven, highly detailed business model that requires planning and analysis.
  • Discipline and dedication—the ability to put in the hard work necessary to launch, build and oversee your own new dry cleaning business with passion and commitment.

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